Welcome to the Marathons Archive

Hey there. I'm Ainna, owner of minty.NU, and apparently, I like hosting layout marathons. I've hosted three of them thus far, mainly for the members of the TFL and the TAFL communities. Take a peek at the archives below.

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Good Tidings: The 2019 Holiday Marathon Primavera: The 2020 Spring Marathon Coupled: The 2023 T(A)FL Marathon

In case this is your first time encountering the term, a layout marathon is an online community event where participants enlist any kind of personal (nonprofit) site they own, and must design their own original layout for it based on the marathon theme within the designated period. This is a great way to motivate webmasters to update their sites, the links to which remain listed on the marathon page even after the event is finished. Sometimes, marathon hosts send out a thank-you token at the end of the event.

Please watch this space for when the next marathon is going to be held!